Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Healthy Self-Esteem

Graham hurt Rose this morning just after she woke up. When I told him, "Time out!" he surprised me by going straight up to his room.

About two minutes later, I heard him coming back down the stairs. When I intercepted him, he said, "Mommy, I going downstairs to ask Daddy I went to time out."

I clarified, "You are going to tell Daddy that you put yourself in time out?"


"I'm proud of you, Graham, for putting yourself in time out."

Cheerfully, "I'm proud of me too!"


Grandma Jeanne said...

I'm proud of him, too! :-)

Chrislynn said...

Richie does that too, and it always make me smile. Sometimes three-year-olds are the best.

rushton family archives said...

Starr Turner!!

Of course I remember you (and our visiting teaching adventures)!

I can't believe you moved to England. How fun!

We're in the middle of raising THREE girls. My youngest two are twins. YEAH I had twins. I was huge.

I'm glad you contacted me. It will be fun to keep in touch and now we have a place to stay if we ever go to England! Just kidding. (kind of) :)

joycie said...

I remember putting Bailey in time out when he was younger, not that he ever stayed there. you do remember Bailey's personality, anyway, I put him in time out one day for yelling at me,about an hour later I yelled at him for painting the side of my refridgerator and his response was "That's it nana, you're a bad girl a trillion minutes time out for you!"
I miss the threes they are so special!

celine said...

I am proud of myself too when I put myself in time out :). That's a hard thing to know you need.

Marie said...

Graham makes me smile. What a delightful child.