Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walk This Way

Jason and I finally bought a year's pass for parking at Bolton Abbey. We've been there five times in two months, so it makes financial sense. Plus, an unexpected bonus, there are specials available to us at the restaurants & the spa. I get all dreamy just thinking about that.

Thursday we went up after Cami got out of school & we found a woodworking shop set up in the middle of the woods. When we went back yesterday, the craftsman was just opening up for the day. He kindly listened to Cami chat about this & that, as well as showing her the wood he was turning into a "dibber," a gardening hole-maker. He also had a stool that I would love to have, but there simply isn't space in our house for any more furniture. After we left his work area, Jason stopped to tell the kids about how the man was "turning" the wood -- and how our last name derives from that profession. It was such a neat teaching moment.

We saw such wonderful things yesterday. Woods, the river, a pheasant family, complete with two little chicks that Cami wanted to bring home.

Our hike ought to have taken about 2 hours 20 minutes. But with three kids under seven years, it took almost six. It wasn't perfect. Cami spent a lot of time complaining that she wasn't at home watching computer. Graham caused my heart to freeze when he fearlessly strode straight toward a 20-foot drop, & carrying Rose for that long makes my back ache.

But, guess what? I love being out there. I love it that Jason and I see something magical & he says, "It reminds me of MiddleEarth." And I love it that Cami & Graham happily, imaginatively played together today, because they didn't need screen-time detox from yesterday.


celine said...

it is quite funny how sometimes what can be seen as mystical perfection when a story is told on a blog is really just a regular day of ups and downs. i think you get at that here. that the "wonderful" walk you had was not utopian in nature, but more just awesomely human. i love the honesty.

Amy Donner said...

Hi Starr!
It's so obvious to me why you and Jason must LOVE living in England. I've enjoyed reading your blog and love the photos, in particular. What beautiful countryside!!!! Miss you and your family:)

Chrislynn said...

I love it that he says "It reminds me of Middle Earth" as if he has been there before. I wish I could go there, too.

Jason said...

You've never been to Middle Earth?

emily said...

A walk like that sounds absolutely fantastical, the perfect get away that my mind could use right now. I think though I'll go without any kids for a few more years :)