Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carrying Kids

I have been called the "strongest mom in the world" by a funny, friendly mother whose little boy is in Cami's class. That's because Graham likes shoulder rides. I usually have Rose strapped to me in the hiking backpack, so every time Graham's up high, she has his bum in her face & I'm toting about 60 pounds. Motherhood is natural weight training -- but it's destroying my once-excellent posture.

A couple Saturdays ago we went to Otley Chevin, because I wanted to get lost in the woods. It's only about five miles from our house, but it's a different world. Anyway, we were walking along the trails, heading back toward the car, when we passed a pair of horses with accompanying riders. A minute later we passed an older couple on foot. The gentleman, noting Graham on Jason's shoulders & me with Rose in the backpack & Cami on my shoulders (after all, I am the strongest mom in the world) quipped, "In the absence of horses, parents will do."

Graham with his trusty steed Jason in Otley Chevin


Ellen Fehr said...

Oh, Starr!
How glad I am that you have such beautiful countryside in which to hike! There is something wonderfully healing about nature. I am so glad that you and Jason are willing to share that with my sweet, cute grandchildren:)

{sometimes I think the verification people know it's me--the word this time is "messi" although I am less so than I used to be:)}

Cin said...

If you ever get all THREE on, I'd like a picture! (I won't even pick up Rebekah any more, not short of blood or other emergencies -- so I'm impressed by your weight-lifting abilities.)