Friday, May 22, 2009

Desperate Duds

What do wear when you have "nothing to wear?" Seriously, I want to know.

It's 11:14 a.m. I'm wearing a red, tailored, long-sleeved shirt, black velvet palazzo pants, & I just took off my heels. Not the typical uniform I don for getting the kids to school, the kitchen tidied, & laundry hung out. I got more than one raised eyebrow from moms on the school run. And one very astute jeans-clad mom asked, "Did you run out of clean clothes?"

It's true. My two pair of jeans that don't have ripped knees are in desperate need of some time in the washing machine, as are my t-shirts. I've gotten so used to raiding Jason's side of the closet that he probably has forgotten which clothes are his. For whatever reason, my clothes are always the last to get into the wash.

A few weeks ago I got complimented on a 1940s vintage suit that I bought in Brooklyn a few years ago. I really like that suit. I love that Jason and I just found a spur of the moment babysitter, hopped in the car, & drove to Brooklyn. I usually only wear it for church, but without the risk of having my clothes act as a hand-towel or being attacked by an errant bit of baby-banana, I wore it to a teacher's meeting. And today's clothes are sort of the same thing, only more desperate.

It's hard being a mom when the clothes you most enjoy are always Dry Clean Only.

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rushton family archives said...

Starr-- that's amazing! I can't believe I didn't make the connection!

you need to do a photo shoot of you in that suit! complete with red lips!