Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Whom I Trust

I let Rose play with the blossoms on a lilac tree this morning. When I realized she was chomping on them, I removed the temptation -- and some petals from her mouth. I then realized that I didn't know if lilacs were potentially dangerous, so when we wandered home Jason did a Google search which assured us they were edible.

When I walked Cami home from school, I told her about how Rose had eaten some lilacs, but that we'd learned through the computer that all was ok. She asked if the computer knew everything, to which I answered that some of the information available was not correct.

When we got home, she wanted to have some time alone. A few minutes later, she shared that she had prayed for Rose, asking for divine protection for her sister.

We just had family prayer & Cami told Heavenly Father, "Thank You for letting Rose not die."


rushton family archives said...

Little kid prayers are the best. Ayla always prays that we'll let her use toothpaste next time she brushes her teeth.

Ellen Fehr said...

Good for you, Cami! I am glad, too, that Rose did not die.